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The term “Paleo” has gone mainstream and has gained a lot of traction as a hot new diet trend. But is it really effective or good for you at all? I would like to offer up these reasons why you should consider NOT trying this type of eating plan but first, let’s review what it entails.

Paleo is an abbreviation for “Paleolithic” which, in short, refers to a prehistoric era in history when we were hunter/gatherers. So are those wild “Paleo Diet People” trying to emulate the Stone Age? Are they running around in animal skins, clubbing their food and dragging it back to their caves? Well, some of them, perhaps. But those Cavemen and women are probably hanging out with some Breatharians who believe it is possible to live without consuming any food at all. It takes all kinds to make the world go round!

I was first introduced to Paleo by Robb Wolf. As soon as I read his book, “The Paleo Solution”, I got on a plane to Toronto to meet him and take a seminar he was giving up there. He made sense. It all made sense. I started to understand my own health issues in a new light and with renewed hope.

But Does It Work?

Most people I have met in the Paleo community are health conscious folks trying to do the best they can in our modern world. I have been eating this way for a few years now and it has helped restore my health and the health of my clients. However, I don’t often refer to the term “Paleo” much anymore. As with any great idea and movement, some people can’t help but squabble and focus on the differences. Yes, we are all unique snowflakes and yes, this eating plan can have some nuances that vary from person to person but most agree that there are some basic Paleo Principles that include eating vegetables, fruit, animal protein, nuts, seeds and healthy fats.

While the Paleo Diet explains what to eat, it is just as much about what not to eat: sugar, grains, dairy, legumes, processed foods, starches and alcohol. Whaaaaat? Now we’re talking crazy, right? But not to worry. For those of you who can’t seem to bear the idea of going without your favorite grindage, here are the top reasons why you should not even bother to try!

20 Reasons NOT To Go Paleo

  1. Your doctor is nice and you like to visit her on a regular basis.
  1. Dieting adds structure and purpose to your life.
  1. Having regular colds gets you time off work.
  1. You don’t like the idea of growing old.
  1. You make money on the Pie Eating Contest circuit.
  1. Acne makes you look younger.
  1. You don’t have time for sex anyway.
  1. You enjoy mood swings and participating in family drama.
  1. You don’t want to buy smaller clothes.
  1. Sleeping is for sissies.
  1. Your allergy symptoms make you appear more sensitive.
  1. You own stock in 5 ½ Hour Energy drinks.
  1. You can toot The Star Spangled Banner (not from your mouth).
  1. You need your wheat belly as a TV tray.
  1. Soft, puffy and doughy is how you like your food (and your body).
  1. Having a fuzzy brain keeps you from having to take on any more responsibility.
  1. You like spending hours on the treadmill to catch up on your magazines.
  1. Being addicted to sugar is better than being addicted to cigarettes.
  1. You want to make all your unhealthy friends feel better about themselves.
  1. You work at a bakery and get free donuts.
  1. Obsessing about food keeps your mind off of your other problems.
  1. Having a sugar rush is the highlight of your day.
  1. You feel it is important to support your local pharmacy.
  1. You love the Jell-O they serve at the hospital.
  1. You don’t need all of your teeth anyway.
  1. Beer bellies are super “in” right now. Seriously: http://www.people.com/article/dad-bod-body-trend
  1. Wrinkles make you look more mature.
  1. Having a heart condition keeps you from having to exercise.
  1. Counting calories and reading labels is just so much FUN!

Okay, so there were more than 20 but… I couldn’t stop.   Please add yours in the comments below!

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